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Standard of specific power consumption of TV of our country flat is drafting hop
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"Two meetings " during, "Problem of tall specific power consumption of attention flat TV " cry had a response. "TV of our country flat can effect standard already project approving, in be being made, hopeful comes on stage formally the end of next year " , standard of effect of electric energy of our country colour basically drafts person, China to standardize an academy senior engineer Chen Haigong expressed a few days ago.
As we have learned, our country carried out 2006 " colour television broadcast receives value of functional effect demarcate and energy-saving evaluation value " what basically be aimed at is CRT (color television of traditional picture tube) , and switch on the mobile phone without what cover flat TV power comsumption, but flat TV power is average color television of CRT of every prep above the current situation of 50 tile, force a country to publish standard of flat TV specific power consumption imperative.
Flat TV tall specific power consumption nots allow ignore
The tall specific power consumption of flat TV is the setting that in its market dimensions changes falls " show " .
Up to by 2007, TV of flat of Chinese townsman family retains the quantity achieves 15 million, chinese flat TV is entered popularize consumptive level. The dweller consumes the trend that presents a many large size, platform, and new-style flat TV power consumption compares traditional picture tube however (CRT) color television tower above is very much. The issue with big, expensive specific power consumption is highlighting flat TV screen.
Comparative 29 inches, the power of color television of color television of 34 inches of traditional picture tube and color television of 37 inches of liquid crystal, 42 inches of plasma, mix for 150 tile, 160 tile, 200 tile respectively 350 tile. Come down on average, if color television of traditional picture tube changes flat TV, the power of every TV should increase 50 tile.
Sales volume of liquid crystal TV may achieve 10 million 2008, if these 10 million TV work 4 hours everyday, use up 2.9 billion degrees of report every year more, be equivalent to power plant of a few large fire year the summation of electricenergy production. Flat TV has made the home appliance of the 4th big tall specific power consumption after afterwards air conditioning, water heater and freezer.
Overall the level " energy-saving " still have difficult problem
According to Introduction Chen Haigong, standard of specific power consumption of TV of our country flat is main component " test method " and " index of specific power consumption " two parts, at present " test method " the part has been finished. "Test method " the test method standard that basically consults IEC already came on stage will make, the test condition of IEC is set in default condition, this basically waits for an element to be affected to power consumption considering flat TV brightness very big. And " index of specific power consumption " , will use to think integratedly can effect index, specific index still cannot disclose now.
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