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Price of useless steel of the 2nd week of Japan fell in September a hasten delay
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According to statistic of association of Japanese iron source, september the 2nd week, japan is east of Shanhaiguan of the 3 large main areas that abandon steel, mid 2 with Guan Xigang factory heavy useless prices are 38509 yen on average / ton, glide than last week 400 yen / ton, than last year the corresponding period rises 3112 yen / ton, successive 8 weeks drop, do not spend this week drop already hasten delay.
Among them east of Shanhaiguan abandons price of delivery of merchandise on hand 2 numbers to be 36833 yen again / ton, with keep balance last week; Mid for 37960 yen / ton, glide than last week 1200 yen / ton; Close 40733 yen are on the west / ton, with keep balance last week.

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