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The transducer technical application in circular water pump and analysis
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Condenser needs to press the size of the discharge of adjustment of on any account of circular water temperature, in order to control vacuum of turbine platoon steam, because this loop water pump is not,be in status of full load job from beginning to end. And pressure, discharge has certain abundant to spend.
The cubic metre of power of water pump axis and its rotate speed becomes direct ratio. Because this rotate speed reduces power somewhat,have namely relatively substantially drop. In much stage water pump, in if one uses transducer adjustment, can adjust at any time according to the change of air temperature and bear discharge, achieve energy-saving goal.
185kW of power of electric machinery of circular water pump. Configuration day establishs transducer of I300 series 2200HF, the flexible starting time that considers electric machinery is longer, because this serves as,run pump for a long time, the design reserves pump casts loop to reach oneself call the police loop. Choice transducer breakdown calls the police output contact AL0, AL1, as reserve pump casts contact oneself, because contact capacity is lesser. Dc compression is inferior (AC250V, 0. 2A, DC30V, 0. ) of 6A perceptual load, the buy outside because this is in,outputting port / of a DZ-52 40 model auxiliary relay ZJ, solved contact capacity small the problem that is not worth with the amount. The third mate of ZJ is moved add up to contact to part and receive reserve at 3 pump exit protects relay of BCJ move close contact. Flow because of passing when transducer, press too, when the reason tripping operation such as overload, the AL contact of transducer closes, ZJ relay closes move the contact of interlocking switch BK that shuts contact and investment to form close loop, reserve pump is cast oneself. Should receive a standard " fast break " smooth word card won't drop a brand, in order to distinguish at " fast break " voltaic relay behavioral tripping operation.
If run instruction, frequency instruction to input loop because of transducer,break a string or make transducer suspends output, transducer of this kind of breakdown cannot identify. Settlement way is: Optional choose inputs signal to show 50 tapes of 0 ~ for DC0-1OV, correspondence together the intelligence that switch quantity outputs shows appearance regards distance as surveillant appearance (frequency meter) , frequency regards as surveillance when moving normally. The transfer switch that uses former control electric machinery (contact of 5) of / of LW5-15 / B4815 (11)-(12) , run the input switch of the instruction as transducer, contact (17)-(18) , (19)-(20) is strung together receive call the police at surveillant appearance floor level relay ALM and warning apparatus of the glitter that heat up labour. Suspend output because of afore-mentioned reasons when transducer, frequency falls to be able to be installed to 5Hz() when, warning apparatus issues sound, smooth alarm signal. Adding up to the instant of brake, although transducer frequency calls the police under floor level of 5Hz frequency meter relay ALM closes, but the contact of transfer switch (19)-(20) has not close, hot project flashs warning apparatus won't issue alarm signal. If make because of transducer oneself breakdown or electric machinery breakdown former breaker fast break, 0 foreword protect a movement, BCJ can cast protective exit relay oneself likewise reserve pump. Appearance of smooth word license plate signals. Make the transducer protector be in harmony of former breaker protection and new setup is an organic whole. No matter produce what breakdown, can cast oneself reserve pump or hair phonate smooth signal, accomplish energy-saving move to run neither with safety by accident.
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