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The interference problem of numerical control equipment
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Alleged interference, it is the effect that the noise beyond useful signal produces to the system, interference basically divides interior doing and exterior interference.
In-house interference has:
1, signal mutual string together faze
2, yuan position of parts of an apparatus is unreasonable, element quality is poor.
3, the coupling of photograph adjacent loop.
4, the influence of digital ground and imitate ground.
5, parasitism oscillation.
Exterior interference basically has:
1, electromagnetism interference, include close quarters system the around equipment that use phone is connected, vehicular traffic, electromagnetic wave.
2, wave motion of power supply source is affected.
3, environmental interference, oscillatory, temperature and humidity.
In-house interference and numerical control system are made about, it can adopt elaborate design, be eliminated as far as possible and restrain. Entrance machine tool can accomplish this a little bit, and exterior interference is random, have nothing to do with NC structure, still restrict hard to violating a source commonly, can adopt to particular case only be on guard measure.
Means of exterior interference coupling basically has:
1, means of communal impedance coupling. By ground connection of ground wire system the dot differs, cause communal impedance, inevitably generation in all the interference of impedance coupling.
2, electrostatic coupling means. It is electric field adopts capacitance coupling approach, change is entered in all the interference of its circuitry.
3, means of electromagnetism induction coupling. Because use line of force and magnetic field of mutual inductance of signal space existence, and close in NC system loop produces inductive electromotive force mediumly, disturb voltage namely.
4, means of coupling of leakage of electricity: Basically guide as a result of photograph adjacent space or insulation resistance of capacitance of a few coupling are reduced, interference is passed to line through the resistor between conductor
Interference source gives out interference to using device through jamming a track, because this restrains interference also from the following 3 respects begin.
1, come loose to disturbing a source to use filter wave, damp, screen, go the method such as Ou reduces interference source effect.
2, come loose to disturbing a way to use segregation, screen, impedance matchs and balance layout, circuit goes a variety of measure such as Ou.
3, raise a letter to sufferring faze equipment to be able to be used comparing of a confusion of voices, increase switch time, raise power social estate, execute a variety of means such as power source and signal filter wave.

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