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The towering like a mountain peak of Euramerican mould tycoon manages experience
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(one) personnel is compact, "Thin " model management
Scale of great majority of Euramerican pattern company is not large, what employee number exceeds 100 people is less, a lot of pattern company numbers are in commonly 50 people of 20 ~ . The enterprise is of all kinds the configuration of personnel is very compact, expert in one thing and good at many, one person much duty, enterprise interior cannot see an unoccupied person. Seed profit production, " thin " model administrative thought got better reflect.
(2) use specialization, product location is exact
A lot of pattern companies, great majority is be opposite around the industry such as car, electron the demand of of all kinds mould, decide oneself product fixed position and market locate. Put to seek to live on in market competition, seek progress, every die manufacturer has his advantage technology and product, take specializationed producer form. Company of Euramerican most pattern has the mould user of a batch of long-term cooperation already, in large mould there are a batch of moulds to produce synergic manufacturer again all round the company. This kind of mutually beneficial, mutual benefit, win-win, concomitant partner concerns, some already lasted 30 ~ 40 years.
(3) use advanced management information system, implementation is compositive turn management
Euramerican pattern company, especially the pattern company with larger scale, basically achieved computer administration. From production plan, craft is made, wait to qualitative check, inventory, statistic, used the computer generally, departmental Menketong crosses computer network to share information inside the company.
(4) craft management is advanced, standardization rate is high
Adopt mostly with domestic mould factory organize mode to differ with the production that benchwork is given priority to or benchwork is responsible for a task unit until it is completed, euramerican mould production manufacturer is to rely on advanced technological equipment and craft course to ensure spare parts precision and manufacturing schedule. Every pairs of mould all has detailed blueprint, include the detailed design of every spare parts, and made detailed treatment technology. Our country mould should move toward the world, must deepen reform, enlarge exit.

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