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Technology of antirust besmear outfit summarizes project machine
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Project machine is to be air of dock of urban and rural construction, railroad, highway, haven, irrigation and water conservancy, electric power, metallurgy, mine, sea the mechanical; that the construction of each capital works such as base serves always project of project of cubic meter of earth, cubic metre of stone, concrete project and all sorts of buildings install a project to be in integrated mechanization construction, needs exercise machinery equipment, appellative for project machine. Basically include in machine of our country project: Machine of machine of project of machinery of instrument of excavating machinery, earth-moving machinery, construction crane, road surface, squeezing ramming machinery, picket, ferroconcrete machinery, rock drilling machine, forklift, special project 10 kinds big. Its are in the classification of other each country very much the same, if the United States call project machine construction machinery, japan calls construction machine, russia makes build with the machinery that build a road. Specific and common project machine has: Bulldozer of hydraulic pressure grab, pedrail, annulus machine of shop of type fork-lift truck, roller, land leveler, booth, forklift and automobile crane.
Well-known, project machine is machine of a kind of outdoors job, expose outdoors air for a long time (include marine air, industry air, city air and rustic air) with different water quality (water of seawater, river) in waiting for harsh environment, be in all the time bear the different level of different district and environment is corroded, created project machine thereby all sorts of " chronic " and " frequently-occurring disease " . Outfit of project machine besmear is one of workmanship of project machine product important segment. Quality of outfit of besmear of antirust, corrosion protection is a product one of important facets of overall quality. Product exterior quality mirrorred a product to defend not only, adornment function, and also be the main factor that makes product value.
1 besmear installs technology
Antirust besmear installs project machine craft of the finishing before craft can divide the outfit that it is besmear commonly and craft of outfit of besmear of antirust priming paint.
1. 1 finishing
Finishing is one of important working procedure that antirust besmear installs. Antirust besmear installs project machine quality depends on greatly the means stand or fall of finishing.
According to British empire chemical company introduces, coating life suffers 3 respects element to restrict: Finishing, occupy 60%; besmear to hold construction, take quality of 25%; coating itself, occupy 15% .
Project machinery industry, the finishing means of different component.
Machinery clears but skin of the broken bits of ferruginous, solder on effective purify workpiece, oxidation, eliminate welding stress, increase the adhesion of antirust film and metallic matrix, improve the antirust quality of project machine component greatly thereby. Machinery clears the standard asks to achieve ISO8501, 1 ∶ the Sa2 of 1988. 5 class. Exterior surface roughness should achieve the 1 /3 of antirust coating ply. The gush, place that throw ball should achieve GB6484 requirement with steel ball.
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