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Install a note to placing the function of type check valve to reach its
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It is valve of a kind of general and one-way fluid to placing type check valve. Its weight is small, volume is minor, easy installation is between flange, valve interior is comprised with board face by two semicircle bedspring, secure with peg on body of a powerful person bedspring deformation makes board of a powerful person is shut, fluid pressure makes the deformation of its open bedspring very fast again, can protect conduit to avoid hammer getting water to destroy so.
Install a note:
When placing conduit, should notice to make agree of pair of check valve that place type through direction and fluid flow direction;
Installation is in perpendicular in placement pipeline. To the pipeline that the level places, perpendicular place pair of check valve that place type;
Be opposite the check valve that place type and a telescoping tube is used between butterfly a powerful person, must not be linked together its and other valve directly;
It is inside limits of radius of operation of board of a powerful person, avoid to add pipe fittings and block thing;
Not be before pair of check valve that place type or from the back installation changes diameter canal;
Around bend installation is opposite when the check valve that place type, should notice to stay have enough large space;
In water pump exit installation is opposite when the check valve that place type, the space that pours out of sixfold valve diameter at least in order to assure butterfly board get finally fluid action.

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