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How the water supply pipe fitting with appropriate choose and buy
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1, aluminous model multiple tube
Aluminous model multiple tube is the feed pipe that replaces cast-iron tube the earliest, its are formed basically should be 5, namely by inside and outside ordinal for glue of plastic, hot frit, aluminium alloy, hot frit glue, plastic.
Aluminous model multiple tube has better heat preservation performance, wall of inside and outside is corroded not easily, because wall is smooth, convection body resistance is very little; Because can bend at will, installation construction is so convenient. Regard water supply as conduit, aluminous model multiple tube has enough strength, but be like transverse suffer when power is too great, can affect intensity, so appropriate makes bright canal construction or bury within wall body, but unfavorable embedded underground. The join of aluminous model multiple tube is chuck type, because be to want to be pressed through trying strictly in this construction, examine link is firm. 2 it is to prevent often oscillatory, make chuck loosens. 3 it is length direction should take sufficient installation amount, lest pull,take off.
2, model answer copper pipe
Model answer copper pipe with pure copper (red copper) make pipe fitting, outside Fu PE is plastic, look from integral performance, model answer copper pipe multiple tube of summary excel aluminous model. For example intensity is betterer, life is longer, heat-resisting function is betterer also. But heat preservation function is differred slightly.
Pure copper has extremely tall anti-corrosive ability, after use period of time, the surface can appear inside oxide of a green. But the life to pipe, discharge, and the obstruction of convection body, basically influence of it doesn't matter. Verdigris is healthy to human body nondestructive, and it is certain to have to the bacterium exterminate ability.
The installation method of model answer copper pipe has chuck type and solder type two kinds, solder of type some more reliable.
Copper pipe, stainless steel is in charge of:
This kind of pipe is differred besides heat preservation function outside, the obstruction that other target are like body of convection of intensity, life very good, set appropriate to make cold water tubing. If be used at hot water to carry, should add heat preservation jacket. Join means is given priority to with chuck type, copper pipe also can solder.
Inside iron pipe of casting of slush moulding galvanization:
Be in charge of wall evade in common galvanization namely plastic, make its are had anti-corrosive, obstruction the performance with small, good heat preservation, have galvanization to be in charge of the character with itself high intensity at the same time. This kind of conduit uses Luo Wen to join mostly.
Plastic canal:
Plastic canal wants material to choose only accord with standard requirement, can have enough strength, life, safe, sanitation. It is function of the heat preservation in all conduit is best. Plastic canal uses hot fusion welding to receive, reliable rate is high, as long as construction is correct, press normal conduit weld via trying, won't appear leakage falls off.
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