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The enterprise divides the doohickey of talent of the tarry outside firewood ful
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Abnormal flow of the talent, had become place in each not allow together before large company evasive difficult problem. It has been the problem on body of small and medium sized business no longer, transnational corporation also is in have a headache for this, include Microsoft.
Last year, microsoft became the choose target of NBA, dug area of company big China finally presiding apparitor Chen Yongzheng. Chen Yongzheng joined Microsoft China 2003, pass the clasp with Chinese government, your Microsoft is in China achieved enormous progress.
The consider of be related of succession person selected that is Chen Yongzheng when Microsoft when, this company also is low-key but lasting however manpower resource issue and cost uses up idea: Face of one mind to think the competitor of personage of actor of accomplishment of invite applications for a job, how should protect a company to spare the adversity that digs horn?
Kang Zhaoning of director of resource of manpower of courtyard of Microsoft Asia project admits, the company is put in many pressure really, a lot of companies think of Microsoft digs horn, for instance Gu Ge. The Li Kaifu that Microsoft skill education rises, find new job went Gu Ge. It is reported, to cope with Microsoft, gu Ge held water to dig horny office even.
So reputable company is in even Microsoft for the talent's prediction of a person's luck in a given year trouble, other company more did not say. Pass through the case of Microsoft, those who caused management of pair of resource of company labor power a few think, enterprise after all how ability tarry talent, make they wish to be company be dead set, is ready consecratory?
It is firewood fulfil not merely
Photograph comparing is Euramerican, talent flow of the Asia is more frequent, inside this, besides include cannot outside evasive employee pay, also have other explicit factors, for instance of obtain employment environment not perfect, staff position is waited a moment not high.
Course of study of beautiful state-owend enterprise manages the research of advisory Smith to show, person with ability of Chinese IT company year average flow rate is 60% , that is to say a year in, there are 6 people to change with respect to the likelihood in every 10 people the job, rate of such going from place to place, affirmative meeting develops to the stability of the enterprise and knowledge is accumulated bring very adverse effect.
Writing power is special chief inspector of business of Asia of advisory analysis of company person with ability Nishencha Suli has research quite to Asian enterprise, he thinks, asia and Euramerican than, employee flow rate is quite high, enterprise ought to the strategy with sound formulate, in order to accomplish tarry employee.
It is with China exemple, gu Ge is not the company of talent of senior IT of China of exclusive be covetous on, a lot of companies are more magnetic than Gu Ge. With respect to Naalibaba, company of this whole nation's largest electronic business affairs, obtain employment comes before meeting the outstanding talented person that draws countrywide college every year, in order to satisfy the requirement that the company grows quickly. Especially the company appeared on the market successfully in Hong Kong last year, it is the look that drew numerous person more.
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