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Ma Yun: The company is not larger better
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The forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle that held recently " the global competition ability of Asian enterprise " on cent forum, ma Yun of trustee bureau chairman expresses Alibaba, the company is not larger better, the company jumps over big innovation ability to jump over difference, when Asian company is competing with western large company, should rely on ability of quick response, innovation to reach insist to work the principle will enhance integral competition ability.
The fountainhead of innovation is extraordinary
"I remember be in 20, 30, 40 personnel company when pat a head to come out today, when when there are 9000 stuffs today, I consider a plan, discuss solely with respect to 3 months, making nine month still is not the thing that I mean. " Ma Yun says.
He thinks the mankind has moved toward information age from industrial times, industrial times relies on dimensions, rely on capital, rely on a technology, and information age leans namely agile, rely on quick response, rely on to innovate.
"The fountainhead of innovation is extraordinary, you must extraordinary, hold to distinctive course, hold to oneself value system, hold to working principle, do not imitate the method of industrial times certainly. Do not imitate the method of industrial times certainly..
The enterprise jumps over big innovation ability to jump over difference
How raising enterprise innovation ability to go up, him Ma Yun feels the enterprise jumps over big innovation ability to jump over difference, "The enterprise should have constituent safeguard later greatly more, management should be strengthened after the organization is ensured, especially Asian enterprise, chinese enterprise is for the most part on management is to have defective, we are authoritative management, very few and real innovation manages. Very few and real innovation manages..
And the hope that he thinks small business just is innovation, "Every their dream is the fountainhead of innovation. "Every their dream is the fountainhead of innovation..
Mayun emphasizes saying, company of any country, any, small and medium sized business still is one of fountainhead that the country blazes new trails, large company can change innovation dimensions, but the true fountainhead of innovation is medium or small still.
"The innovation that I can assure minority only after the company became large, can the innovation that dimensions changes is born in the enterprise, but countless small innovation hope outside. Myself has an idea, innovation is forever besides you. Innovation is forever besides you..
Ma Yun expresses with his company citing, aliji has 7 companies below the group now, and do not exceed 7 forever, "I like this 7 words, the Plough, 7 fairy, Changjiang Delta 7 strange, anyway 7 always be good number. If I increase a company to must sell a company, put out a company, amalgamative a company, make I innovate to want to ask every time is organic meeting this, I divide 7, make my idea can be divided into by 7 companies. Make my idea can be divided into by 7 companies..
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