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The concept of 10 big sale of resounding world
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Strategy of executive green sale, need carries out 5R management principle, study namely (Research) : Take the way to deal with a situation that studies the enterprise is polluted to the environment seriously; Decrease (Reduce) : Decrease or eliminate harmful litter discharge; Circulate (Recycle) : Undertake reclaiming to useless old other people processing and recycle; Reopen sends (Rediscover) : Become common the product is green product; Protect (Reserve) : Take an active part in the environmental protection activity of community, establish environmental protection consciousness. Executive green sale is the big trend of international sale strategy, our country enterprise should have a sober knowledge in this respect, put into practice actively. According to concerning respect statistic, our country has hundreds breed, value the exit of 50 much dollars product general because the about international convention production be prohibitinged of ozonosphere and sale, the exit product that has 40 much dollars will carry out an environment to indicate because of country of main trading object and face market admittance problem. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the idea that the enterprise should combine with green sale and kind go organizing production and sales compaign, use ISO4000 series standard to organize production, tendercy of the concerned green news that knows target market in time, development, new technology and new method, adjust business activity to try to suit ceaselessly.
Personalized sale
Namely the enterprise releases the individual character of the attention to the person, person the place that reachs the satisfaction of individual character demand of the person to promote all-time center, enterprise and market work up a kind of new-style relation, establish consumer individual database and information record, build with consumer more the connection of personification, understand market trend and customer demand in time, offer the sale kimono Wu of a kind of personification to the client, the client puts forward commodity function to ask according to him demand, the enterprise asks to have production by the client as far as possible, cater to consumer to need sue for peace to savour individually, use information, use flexible strategy to try timelily to adjust, will enhance competition ability with the harmonious collaboration between generator and consumer, with much breed, medium large quantities of quantity production that small lot mixes production to replace the past. This is helpful for saving intermediate link, reduce sale cost. Not only such, because the society produces plan sex to increase, resource configuration is adjacent and best, commerce appears 0 inventory management, the stock cost of the enterprise is managing also.
Innovation sale
Innovation is the key with successful company, the optimal strategy of battalion of already of look forward to grabs the product that washs out his before others namely, this kind uses innovation theory to the new way in market sale, the innovation of the innovation that includes sale idea, innovation of sale product, innovation that sale organizes and sale technology, want to accomplish this, market sale personnel must preserve the flexibility of thinking mode at any time, let oneself become the inaugurator of new thinking. The meaning of innovation depends on advanced, and depend on others not only, and once discovery is a kind of new technology, be about to be caught in time, lest miss an opportunity. For example, in the United States new Ze Xizhou has to make detonate implement city gets advantage company, hair palpability bumps the air bag that expands for an instant one kind, but device is in car respect dish on, protective car drives person, when they market this kind of product to American general motors, because not be of car line of business,travel together however and refuse. Later, japanese abundant cropland bought its technology, production cost is 50 dollars, and now 3 old car plants of American- - the air bag that general, Ford, Kelaisi uses, lowermost cost is in however 500 arrive between 600 dollars. There also should be new idea when accepting a kind of new product it is thus clear that.
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