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Oneself is enraged not forcedly, thinking financing do not have the door!
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Last week 3 be in Beijing, with Japan China of some investment financial group represents gentleman of land for growing field crops to sit in the country afternoon coffee is drunk near trade. Gentleman of land for growing field crops is mixed actually I am Shandong fellow-townsman, I am Qingdao, he is east battalion, already stayed 17 years in Japan after American Stanford graduates, consequently bearing words and deeds already was genuine " of Dong Yang's person work " .
The likelihood is the feeling drinks coffee not to pass addiction, I made two cups of Dragon Well tea again, see dark green tea diffuses gradually in water, of two people talk promote thick also, gentleman of land for growing field crops knows I am in before New Year of delta of the Yangtse River founded without stannum orgnaization of adviser of be on sale of international of blue Ge Zhiyang, open the market, enterprise technically to promote a brand the wisdom of contributive group and resource for the product, be interested quite for this, the hope in one's words has an opportunity to be able to provide some of potential project and pertinent information to him, as to the condition, that is company property right wants clarity, the management idea that built contemporary company system, boss, struggling direction, code of conduct should be helpful for China etc or the development of region economy is waited a moment, once tentative cognizance target, after he can send a person to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, go again next investment negotiates. Speak of investment, invest outside the condition especially, it seems that the enterprise wants to such opportunity knows a foreign trader very much, make big market jointly, so whether foreign investment demand is very high, gentleman of land for growing field crops a moment ago an introduction, my feeling is in not be like an imagination so complex, but so not simple also, say for go to what the key still depends on management thought of the boss, struggling direction, code of conduct and project comparing an advantage to go up.
Often hear a lot of bosses to tell usually, the product of oneself how how good, what appear on market is other kind the product is inferior to him, and market size is very large, boss to this also great ambition lofty or bottomless, hope make it hundred years old store, but suffer from does not have capital, the hope can borrow this to draw some of fund through a few channel, but do not know to search from which.
Gentleman of land for growing field crops tells me to this, to choosing a project, their all through the ages is very careful, according to native national condition, it is again good to the hope can have an organization or have fame personage present or be recommended nevertheless. They can make careful analytic judgement from which, look for opportunity and industry employer to communicate interview directly next, in fact, having some of project really is very pretty good, with respect to its latent capacity is told, already also entered them preliminary the eye shot that make an on-the-spot investigation, but contact with the boss, was over, cannot enough the measure on thought of the very accurate management concept that expresses oneself, strategy and the specific redound that create value for investor. In the talk, 10 have 89 is in the boss " how do we manage " , " if why the product precedes " wait machine-made thing a moment, just, a bit of these gentleman of land for growing field crops do not have interest, what he is interested is the conception that the enterprise reachs stimulative China socially in redound partner, redound or is what strategy tactics to go up on region economy progress, layout or arrangement, a lot of bosses do not say cardinal principle introduction, do not have such consciousness almost, do not answer to come up do not be in a few. Of course, its ending also can gentleman of land for growing field crops and they are done obeisance to did obeisance to.
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