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Talk about leader culture and group absorb to grow
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We know, current a perfect industry organization, the four respects such as unifinication of the scientific method of the value that its core content wants to devote oneself to to satisfy client place to need to be below the environment that the market competes and quality, fast study, group and implementation innovation and the environment that carry out effectively are formed. And this 4 person be mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, any respect cannot be broken away from additional 3 respects act well alone. Build to get used to the market and the outstanding sale group that the client needs, it is the hope that each enterprise longs for day and night, those who achieve this one goal is the construction of talent team and education at all, review the growing course of a few preeminent companies of domestic, see not hard: The world outlook of group leader, viewpoint of value and character power influence issue formation group culture, to the education of the group and education, and of the talent come forth in large numbers have main effect. Be aimed at these problems, I talk about my a bit understanding and experience from 5 respects.
The a bitth: The width that the leader's bosom decides to the talent grows
An enterprise should realize the bosom that the principal premise that the talent comes forth in large numbers is a leader, chinese ancient time has the case of too numerous to mention one by one. It is early at the beginning of Qin Mo Chinese, hunan Wang Xiangyu and state of Chinese king Liu of both victory and defeat contend for, a lot of circulate up to now the bosom difference that what the story tells is tolerate with others of choose and employ persons. Period of the Three Kingdoms, cao Cao of the person that generation does poineering work, Sun Jian mixes Wei Wushu the Three Kingdoms Liu Bei is the person with broad bosom, cao Cao uses the dominant position of the center of culture of northward politics economy that stability develops, take over the bequest of dynasty of know clearly the Eastern Han Dynasty again, this is congenital advantage of Wei Guo; Sun Jian and Sun Quan mastered troubled times to set up a separatist regime by force of arms the ground of the Jiang Dong Wu Yue under, clever qualified personnels of these ground of an outstanding personality of local all through the ages come forth in large numbers, this is advantage of favourable geographical position; And Liu Bei is abjection dog of the home that be like funeral is without a tiny bit of land, can lay progressively and accumulative talented person in friendless environment however and make the outward appearance of the tripartite confrontation of 3 minutes of the world, this is Liu Beikuan in order to need a person, with Yi Lixin's key. In Liu Bei's general, the talent has all arrowroot, close, piece, Zhao, horse, yellow etc, it may be said is " bare, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet " , disposition is disparate, beautiful of all of civil and military, gathered together group of flower chart of Liu group.
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