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Fortune life: The great works that a man reads surely
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On psychological class, professor Zhou Zheng is giving lessons: "When finishing class last, a boy gave piece of scrip: I am a more indrawn person, specialty of it doesn't matter, won't play football, won't play basketball... only interest is writing. After entering a college, see the classmate all round free and easy and be able to achieve success one way or another, feel just like a fish in water, spell able in association, job, it is envy very. Be about to enter a society, how should I plan oneself future? ... Professor Zhou, I think me or had compared when one master home, a person, pretty good also, do you say? ' should this problem otherwise reply? " Professor Zhou raise the scrip in raise hand.
"Time -- answer -- " interest has fellow students greatly, "Writer dream " can be the person that many fear contend for at contest help straw ah!
Professor Zhou puts down the scrip in the hand: "Good, I answer this fellow student face to face today -- my manner, very simple: Always make writer dream ' person, be escapism, incompetent person... "
One's voice in speech did not fall, a catcall already was below.
"I will ask you, the thing of a piece of a pen, paper, who won't? When the writer, it is so simple, everybody is met. My constant says, top-ranking talent is mixed in military circles business circles, second-class the talent is in political circles, 3 ability drifting a person are in academia. To the soldier character, you get 100 thousand people, I get 100 thousand people, do not have skill, dead 100 thousand be you. What want here is integrated quality, it is a challenge, so the person of military circles is the strongest. Business circles also is such, throw two 100 million, after 3 months, the likelihood thes family broke up, don't you work? Those who want is same quality. Political circles is different, he can be adjusted, circuitous, policy is no good can change again, be superabundant, but should bear the blame. And academia, be no good twice, be no good twice 3 times... it is OK to be no good forever. The be clear at a glance of success or failure of soldier and businessman, only the writer can be entered can retreat, be indifferent to success or failure of victory or defeat... " if somebody thinks of place head somewhat.
"When some writes master home to make a chair in an university, the classmate asks him ability becomes a writer? He says: Feed your home above all, become a writer besides! ' " Professor Zhou looks at everybody seriously, the naturally in the eyes reveals a kind of deep-felt care, "" the analects of confucius " in account: Once Confucius defends a country, see defend compatriots a lot of, say be the concubine ' , means defends compatriots much ah ' . Somebody asks to of or by the concubine already on the side, why to add Yan again? ' means person is much, how to do? ' -- the issue came, somebody, the person is much, how to do? What should we do? How do you think Confucius can say? How do you think Confucius can say??
"Teach -- " everybody is very self-confident, big educationist.
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