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See a leader manage an error from inside jest!
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See a such joke: An American travels to Germany, company of a travel sent Germany one is called " clerk " dog, this cries " clerk " dog cautious and conscientious, serious, guide American to swim Germany, the impression that left profundity to American...
After two years, american comes to Germany again, come to this travel company still want to look for that to cry " clerk " the dog does guide. The chief of travel company says, cry so " clerk " dog, already incognito cry " manager " , nowadays his what also won't, can crouch in the corner to develop others only shout...
See this joke, I find both funny and annoying really, I once was a clerk, promotion is a manager later, want carefully to come manager great majority also can pour clerk shout at the top of one's voice only...
Say psychological word, I do not like " manager " this appellation, manager, manager, the more that explains your following needs you " energy " go " management " . General manager, of course " always " need more " energy " go " management " . Also do not like " director " , director, director, gave a thing you should be lost " main responsibility " . As to " president " , worse to listen -- " always should cutting down the member of persons employed " .
Hear recently " chief delegate " , be pretty good! No matter what appellation, the main responsibility of these leaders leads everybody to had made working task namely, so about management, especially sale management, "Guide everybody to do good work, give employee one direct goodly " so everybody just calls you the leader!
Nevertheless, the leader is not to ask your one individual doing is good, it is to had run a group, get the potential of each member the play of incisively and vividly, ability innovation gives more perfect work outstanding achievement!
I once had led the layout team of a company, I very hard, the result is really " suffering a crushing defeat " , why? Oneself had worked to won't do, want to change oneself leader way.
Through summary, I consult many works, him discovery puts the error of two management that be in:
One, the leader is not a cavity " plumber "
A lot of leaders, especially the leader of sale battlefront, a mistake that often makes is " block cavity up " , change a word to tell sex of the look up before the job is done not have, what the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine manages ill stress is " water future, xian Xiuqu " , manage also should such, in take over before taking office as a management to work, undertake an analysis to all jobs, before head office assigns the task, begin to prepare first, such ability is unapt hurry-scurry, and the can more outstanding task that finish.
In in the future management job, all sorts of specification that our layout ministry needs the company, conduct propaganda stalks of grain... anyhow and all data that the company needs precondition ends, a few different program are offerred at the same time when waiting for a company to need, got the accord of company leader is agreed with. In day-to-day work, right each the careful analysis that working schedule of the employee has whole side, try constantly to improve, sometimes a oneself good originality, through integral discussion, appear in the newspaper with the name of some employee, established the confidence of employee individual not only so, and the cohesive affinity that enhanced a group and integral warfare capability.
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