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The enterprise grooms -- the ambiguous culture that eradicates an enterprise
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A lot of enterprises ask me to attend their various meetings as adviser. But, the summary speech of a lot of people makes me very disappointed. Because a lot of speeches are very ambiguous. Why cannot be this pardonable enterprise done quickly do by force big. Bureaucratism, deal with finishing sth is the commonnest conference speech. "Make sure regular meeting is next year better! " " this bit of thing is no problem " " piece finish sth will earnest processing " . These are some did not use gibberish. Wizard believes, if you must believe to be afraid really piece finish sth makes a speech namely that individual of responsibility of the first shirk.
Ambiguous intent has 5. It is to show determination puzzles controller. I can do allusive others hard certainly. Eat sth capable of comforting sb to controller. 2 it is make a profit in troubled situation. In case if this thing if make it is the result that I try hard at the outset certainly then. 3 it is loot a burning house. The job has not been begun it is certain to had told others this job the meeting below the effort in me is successful, grab limelight for oneself, take credit for someone else's achievements ahead of schedule. 4 it is to cover failure. In case failure also was not told meeting how. Oneself also won't have what responsibility. End up with nothing definite finally. 5 be giving a lead is sth capable of comforting sb. Lead you to be at ease I meet this thing be done seriously. I am the person of a serious effort. The leader if if speak feeling, piece finish sth must not blame me.
Ambiguous culture is lazy, shirk responsibility, applepolish person Wen Tu. If there are such a lot of stuffs in the enterprise,that enterprise leaves close down before long. Ambiguous culture also can make a lot of rash person the profit that uses a company makes a test, buy sheet for them. Final they get experience is mixed grow and the price that the enterprise pays haemorrhage for this meeting.
How to administer ambiguous culture? We should introduce administrative pattern. For instance: My exclusive management is academic " 6P management pattern. It is I study 500 strong gain of world for years. Requirement employee in public ego acceptance. Acceptance must have a result. You say to will be finished tomorrow, if will be being finished that tomorrow, oneself can want acceptance how to be handled. But finished oneself also want acceptance to give oneself an award. Additional, establish examination mechanism. Hold the position of by the assistant of the leader of immediate boss commonly. The purpose of the examination is not punish and supervise and urge and more those who want is to remind by examination person. Already in public acceptance, still have how long from the task that finish. Still can discover executant may encounter the problem that he cannot solve so. Can in time understand as boss and help subordinate solve a problem. Some people do not know government. Just must assign the job blindly, arrived the task ends period cheek to check ability to discover subordinate was not finished at all. Blame subordinate incapacity even at this moment. I think this leads the responsibility of oneself namely. If subordinate can be done be afraid need not you were led this. Of course, examination subordinate implements a plan or implementing plan is very be necessary. And it is written material certainly. Such ability can discover to there is what inadequacy to have what advantage before subordinate executes the mission. Such, accomplish know fairly well to also facilitate management.
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