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If why allow to issue code of sale of the Olympic Games that defeat solution in
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Our enterprise is not Olympic Games partner, sponsor, supplier, how to use Olympic Games sale legally?
"Have difficulty, want to make Olympic Games sale; Without difficulty, creation is difficult, also want to make Olympic Games sale! " this is the conclusion that reachs after be communicated with a client. Really, the noise that pours timing ding as Olympic Games anniversary rises, olympic Games sale is Olympic Games partner, sponsor, supplier no longer those a few enterprises enjoy alone " sale big eat " , however numerous China enterprise wants to divide a thick soup " regale " . But, if why allow to fall in regulation, break code of sale of solution Olympic Games?
One, the element that in seeking a company, agrees with Olympic Games spirit
Break code of sale of solution Olympic Games, what is the mind that should make clear Olympic above all? It is a kind of understand one another, friendship, solidarity and the spirit that compete fairly. To the enterprise character, olympic Games sale also is meant how will be commercialized in Olympic Games spirit these good and idiosyncratic protruding that mask increasingly are shown come, go after a kind of balance between commercial interest and enterprise society responsibility. And examine Olympic Games spirit, its passion, honorary, struggle, harmonious transmission element, it is the Olympic Games and its sponsor actually cannot of forestall, this kind of drive that initiates because of its is the pursuit with human collective society. Accordingly, if the enterprise can search oneself to had provided the element of some and be identical of appearance of Olympic Games spirit to try to travel, should be a sale of quite beautiful blame Olympic Games.
It is with billow Sha exemple, the health of billow Sha product, comfortable appeal to the catchword that begs all without exception to agree Beijing Olympic Games without prior consultation with the technology " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " , this is mining of congenital company natural resources. Below the support of abundant capital actual strength, technology actual strength, management history, billow Sha can cry completely piece " Sha of healthy billow Sha, culture billow Sha, billow of science and technology " catchword. The industry expresses as synchronous as culture of new Olympic Games, be afraid the target that should not become the Olympic Games Organizing Committee to strangle.
2, " assistance " audience
The Olympic Games besides the main essential factor such as group of athlete, movement, the most important participator is an audience. If an Olympic Games lacks the passion of the audience, so this Olympic Games also lost value. Not only such, audience (consumer) also be the final target that the enterprise becomes sale, but the attention that how the enterprise gains an audience. Of course, because the Olympic Games Organizing Committee has close protection to the relevant intellectual property of the Olympic Games, sponsor of blame Olympic Games often cannot use the direct resource of the Olympic Games, for instance catchword, mark, the enterprise also is immersed in predicament accordingly. This respect, fly newly electric equipment is worth to learn.
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