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The path of gain: Commercial pattern innovation is managed
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We carry these two real case, can you sum up come out what? Have a method successfully certainly, manage have train of thought certainly. These two case revealed clear commercial thinking. Here, we manage this kind what train of thought says to be commercial pattern. Specific what is commercial pattern?
In October 1997, si Diwen of #8226; of Luo Baisen & asks one of adviser of venture capital investment with the most well-known Silicon Valley company of Chinese famous high-tech inferior the CEO Tian Suning of the letter: "Inferior what is the commercial pattern of the letter? " Luo Baisen of Tian Suning ask in reply: "What is commercial pattern? " Luo Baisen is very strange Tian Suning does not know as CEO what is commercial pattern actually. Luo Baisen says to Tian Suning explanation: "One yuan circled circuit through your company, become one, commercial pattern shows money of this one wool increases in where. " what ground of this example figure showed is commercial pattern, also explained at the same time " commercial pattern " the formulation of this concept is an exotic, actually an any enterprises of China are selling a product, reclaim next capital, this is commercial pattern, just we are not carried before " commercial pattern " . Los angeles Olympic Games and the development experience of the group that collect a source described a whole gain process respectively actually, elaborated respective and distinctive trade pattern.
2000, burst of Internet bubble end, large quantities of one networks that do not have deliberate without real value, classics star the enterprise closes down. The Dunne of #8226; of Michael Er & of CTO of presiding technology officer is accepting original period Wanner the United States " commercial weekly publication " when interviewing, say: "A burgeoning enterprise, it must establish a firm commercial pattern first, hi-tech instead is less important. In the process of management enterprise, commercial pattern is more important than hi-tech, because former it is an enterprise can the precondition of base oneself upon. " Deluke of home of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties says: "The competition between current business, not be the competition between the product, however the competition between commercial pattern. " the significant position of visible trade pattern. Data investigation shows, current China does poineering work model the failure of the enterprise, 23% it is the error because of the strategy, 28% be because of executive problem, and because did not find those who suit his to last,the failure that is as high as 49% is of gain commercial pattern.
In all innovation, commercial pattern innovation belongs to an enterprise most the innovation of source. Leave commercial pattern, other administrative innovation, technology innovation lost the base of the likelihood that can admit continuously and gain. All successful large companies are as a child the company holds the commercial pattern that maintains a success walks over step by step. We say, wo Erma opens grocery store actually, coke Cola sells soda water, microsoft sells software, the country is beautiful be an electric equipment inn, small fat sheep opens chaffy dish store. What does the success of these common industries show? Show a sense actually: No matter high-tech, low science and technology, can succeed, the key is the commercial pattern that you want to find out a success, develop the gain ability of commercial pattern to acme quickly.
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