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Partial equipment manufacturing industry imports favourable policy to come on st
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The Ministry of finance issued an announcement a few days ago, announce from January 1, 2008 (declare time in order to import to be accurate) case, it is development to domestic company, make part of equipment of numerical control of large, nicety, high speed and its function and value added tax of the import tariff of component place pay and import segment executes import share key to draft retrogressive policy first.
Numerical control equipment and the place drawback money that its spare parts imports will invest processing as the country, turn for national capital gold, basically use at the development production of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.
The favourable policy that is aimed at equipment manufacturing industry comes on stage for many times continuously inside near future of Ministry of finance. In January 2007, the Ministry of finance, hair changes appoint, total office of tax total bureau and customs published the country jointly " a certain number of opinions that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry about fulfilling the State Council to accelerate inform about what import taxation policy " .
This announcement sets, upgrade to structural adjustment, industry, the field of key of great technology equipment that enterprise innovation has active belt to move action makes policy of special import revenue, it is the development, part key that make these equipment and imports to domestic company the import tariff of the pay of raw material place that component and home cannot produce and import segment value added tax are executed ask for first regressive.

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