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The 21 tractors GB such as safety performance requirement carries tractor fuel c
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Came on March 31 on April 4, " the tractor lights gasoline tank safety performance to ask " etc 2 mandatory standard and " method of trial of tractor fuel case " wait to recommend sexual state level 19 times not to have stannum in Jiangsu " accept careful to check " . Terminal of appraisal of agriculture machinery of committee of technology of countrywide tractor standardization, Ministry of Agriculture, Jiangsu often sends a group to waited for many 30 technology personnel that is engaged in standard, design and quality to attend to seek opinion meeting this.
"Be on trial be on trial " 2 mandatory standard are " the tractor lights gasoline tank safety performance to ask " " condition of technology of gas tank of all of tractor trailer air braking system " ; 19 recommend sexual state level to be " method of trial of tractor fuel case " " condition of technology of wheeled tractor of agriculture of 50kw ~ 90kw " " condition of technology of axle shaft of agricultural wheeled tractor " " dependability of agricultural wheeled tractor is assessed " " system of quota of assess of assessment of reliability of product of project agriculture machinery is reached.
Standardize technical committee secretary-general according to countrywide tractor still stringy introduction, at present our country has about a hundred only about the national level of the tractor, this follows international standard have certain space, be in especially field of component state level, still have very big be short of break. The task that countrywide tractor standardizes technical committee this year is to make these 21 standards are carried out through examine and getting as soon as possible, still will establish 50 many new standards at the same time. "Criterion review is a rigorous and painstaking work, these days we work overtime even in the evening, cross these a few levels one by one. " still the rope says.

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