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Hair change appoint abolish to solder 11 times standard number and name
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Basis " standardization law carries out byelaw " regulation, my appoint organization had review a case to already implementing the occupation standard of 5 years of above, decide revocatory JB 10145-1999 " safety of die casting machine asks " wait for 436 occupation standard (specific standard number, name and revocatory reason see accessory) , among them machinery occupation standard 253, light industrial occupation standard 37, solder industry 11, spin occupation standard 18, black metallurgy occupation standard 20, nonferrous metal occupation standard 1, chemical occupation standard 3, building materials occupation standard 30, petrifaction occupation standard 2, occupation standard of oil natural gas 58, .
Announce 11 to solder now the industry is revocatory standard, the day that announces oneself has go into effect.

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