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Instrument of two hand machine equipment, old machine, two mobile phones imports
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Instrument of two mobile phones can involve security when the entrance, wholesome, environmental protection, overall reason of function many sided. Of the entrance management that so the country fetterses to two mobile phones still is very strict. Instrument of two mobile phones should obtain import licence. Instrument of two mobile phones puts on record, make quarantine examines before case even. Mechanical basic function, wholesome, the basic import that environmental protection wants to achieve a country to fetters to two mobile phones stipulates ability can be imported, undertook limitative to mechanical production a particular year. Production date fetterses in the two mobile phones of 15 years of above do not allow an import. The reimport of should much understanding is relevant law law plan before hope friends are being imported.
One, the definition that imports old mechanical and electrical products:
Basis " quality of nation of People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes " (the 37th) regulation, be said old mechanical and electrical products is to point to the person that accord with one of following conditions:
(one) had used, still have basic function and the mechanical and electrical products of fair use value;
(2) without using but deposit time to grow too, exceed quality to assure period mechanical and electrical products;
(3) without using but deposit time to grow too, the component produces the mechanical and electrical products of apparent physical loss;
(4) new old assembly mixes the mechanical and electrical products of outfit;
(5) large and secondhand whole set of equipment.
2, consignee of entrance old mechanical and electrical products or its agent (applicant of the following abbreviation) application puts on record license, ought to refer put on record material:
(1) " entrance old mechanical and electrical products puts on record requisition " (official seal of applicant nucleus lid, legal representative signs an order)
(2) " detailed list of entrance old mechanical and electrical products " (applicant nucleus builds official seal)
(Business charter of 3) applicant, consignee, consignor perhaps registers the document that register (Xerox, applicant nucleus builds official seal)
(4) when necessary, still ought to submit the following data (outside dividing a photograph, nucleus of application average per capita builds official seal) :
The state specification of old mechanical and electrical products, production a particular year proves material, report puts on record the chromophotograph of product feature;
The environmental effect that involves the old whole set of equipment such as entrance chemical industry, smelt, pharmacy, printing and dyeing, papermaking, leather, the sources of energy evaluates opinion, safety to evaluate an opinion;
Involve those who import old project machine to have the after service agreement of legal effectiveness, the maintenance after carry out serves the after service acceptance of orgnaization or product liability person, the aptitude that service orgnaization maintains after carry out proves or do business charter, the last year that orgnaization of government of raw use land or its accredit orgnaization sign and issue examines report, the use maintenance log of every project machine, relevant Chinese operation instruction handbook reachs near future photograph;
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