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About pushing the opinion that traffic product certification works
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Ascertain a state to carry out " quality revitalizes compendium " , " the State Council works about enhancing product quality further the decision of a certain number of problems " , " the announcement that general office of the State Council works about strengthening attestation to approbate " with " the State Council about strengthening a product quality is mixed food, according to " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " , " People's Republic of China standardizes a way " , " attestation of People's Republic of China approves ordinance " regulation, advance job of traffic product certification to offer the following opinion now:
One, the important meaning that knows work of traffic product certification adequately
The quality of traffic product matters to the safety that quality of traffic capital works and traffic carry directly, matter to the personal benefit of people. Strengthen traffic product quality to control government, raise level of traffic product quality in the round, it is to carry out fulfil science to recruit liaison man of view, implementation good it is rapid development, good to do " 3 services " a main base works.
Product certification is the important step of the normative market with current international and quality management, be helpful for change government function, innovation product quality supervises administrative pattern, be helpful for an enterprise strengthening product quality to control, get used to WTO regulation, enhance market competition ability, in national economy construction and social progress, producing mainer and mainer effect, because this is used extensively.
Traffic product certification is executive regulation of standard of technology of attestation orgnaization basis and product certification, prove the product satisfies the eligible assess activity of relevant technology standard and standard continuously. Build and implement system of traffic product certification, to controlling traffic product quality from fountainhead, put an end to inferior traffic product to enter traffic construction has important sense with carriage market.
2, scientific compose builds system of job of traffic product certification
Job of traffic product certification approves supervisory management committee in national attestation (the country adopts inspect appoint) unified managing and supervise below, in quality of traffic industry product director branch coachs and drive below, according to traffic construction and traffic carry the need of development, combinative industry is real, build governmental guidance, society to supervise, attestation orgnaization is carried out, detect the system of job of traffic product certification that the orgnaization supports, according to " outstanding major, service industry, independent justice, standard is efficient " the principle begins product certification work.
Classics country adopts inspect appoint approval, hand in in (Beijing) limited company of center of traffic product certification and Chinese ship's classification society already had the base that develops traffic product certification and requirement, those who assume traffic product certification accept, examine, issue attestation certificate and follow-up to superintend wait for specific executive work. As the orgnaization that begins traffic product certification, want to approve the requirement of concerned law laws and regulations according to national attestation, fulfil obligation seriously inside the scope of business of approval, begin work of traffic product certification lawfully. Should join traffic industry actual, study the characteristic of traffic product further, product certification of scientific formulate traffic implements regulation, strengthen groom with assessment, enhance legal consciousness and service consciousness, improve the professional morality level from personnel of course of study and business technology quality ceaselessly, increase the effectiveness of traffic product certification and authority, the supervisory government that should do certificate of product certification of good liaison man works, ensure attestation is objective, just, science, normative.
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