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Favourable policy goes before car of new energy resources is quickened or come o
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Good news of interest of car of new energy resources is ceaseless
On July 23, premier of Home Wen treasure chairs call together to open the State Council standing conference, research deploy strengthens an oily section to electrician is made and begin the whole people energy-saving action, discuss and the principle is passed " communal orgnaization is energy-saving byelaw (draft) " and " civil building is energy-saving byelaw (draft) " . The conference points out clearly, implement policy of consumption tax privilege to energy-saving environmental protection car, raise consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount to lead.
When chief is accepting a reporter to interview related association of Chinese auto industry, express, the day as global oil reserves is decrescent of oil price of little, international rise increasingly, the research and development of car of new energy resources and promotion are used more and more get the attention of government sector and relevant enterprise, research organization. Car of new energy resources is the tendency that will develop henceforth, the country should accelerate fuel tax come on stage, the car makes the alternative fuel that is aimed at energy-saving environmental protection urge policy accordingly, derate uses the duty fee of link, reduce the use cost of car of new energy resources. According to divulging, held in Beijing a few days ago " alternative fuel car popularizes policy to consider " interest good news comes out on the seminar, national near future will come on stage right energy-saving the technical development with car of new energy resources, support policy that set an example and extends, the incentive policy such as the relevant finance that extends mature alternative fuel car in the light of consumer especially, taxation, finance and price.
There was media coverage recently, participate in according to hair change appoint start " energy-saving study with policy of technology of car of new energy resources " the member of the project discloses, the supportive policy that concerns car of new energy resources at present seeks an opinion the job has ended and hopeful this year second half of the year comes on stage. "Ask for an opinion to already was referred at present hair change appoint, obtain finally even hair change appoint agree to just can come on stage. If this policy can come on stage, the development that promotes car of new energy resources energetically. About the charge that car of new energy resources appears on the market to increase than traditional car, in seeking an opinion, put forward a series of solution, the share that increases to car price for instance, reduce the cost of 50% , and this share charge undertakes allowance by the country. In addition still discussed derate car to purchase jockey duty, freely and derate is other the privilege of categories of taxes. " these plan are the specific and favourable measure that popularizes in the light of market of car of new energy resources, and these measure will form certain benefit to be stimulated very much the car manufacturer that blends motor vehicle sphere to marching actively.
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