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Mechanical industry stops to implement the favourable policy of income tax
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Incident: Total bureau of national tax Wu issues an announcement, stop to carry out an enterprise to buy homebred installation cost to support the favourable policy that avoids enterprise income tax since January 1, 2008.
Our viewpoint:
1, 9 years when policy is carrying out a homebred to encouraging our country enterprise to buy equipment, undertake technical reformation rose to urge action tremendously. But be contrary to because of having at principle of WTO countryman pay, be in new " law of enterprise income tax " during carrying out, respond to a curtain call of glory of this one policy. Prospective country may come on stage urge the other policy that buys homebred equipment.
2, policy buys homebred equipment newly clearly to enjoy income tax to touch no longer since January 1, 2008 avoid privilege, but to still having 2007 or year is obtained before examine and approve or approve can support income tax but still did not touch in 7 the end of the year, and the company that buys equipment to be not worth 5 year, whether does after touching a part to was reached 2008, year allow to continue to touch the problem that avoid to set not clearly.
3, at present industry puts in two kinds of viewpoints: ① can continue to touch avoid, the basis is to think duty delivers the state [2008]52 sign language is applied to only after December 31, 2007 new bought homebred equipment. ② cannot be avoided with continueing to touch, the basis is homebred installation cost is touched avoid income tax not to belong to a country to send [the project of the excessive and favourable policy in 2007]39 sign language and limits. We think to be able to continue to support the possibility that dismiss bigger, the reason is the country is sent [the business that 2007]39 date Wen Kuo enjoys low tax rate and fixed derate duty with Yu Yuan, and buy homebred equipment to touch avoid enterprise income tax to not be originally inside this limits, because this cannot reach the 2nd kind of viewpoint.
4, income tax privilege cancels not completely, however from touch generally avoid turn for specific touch avoid. New " law of enterprise income tax " in the regulation is bought to the enterprise use at water of environmental protection, energy-saving section of the forehead of special installation cost such as safe production 10% can from the enterprise in those days should touch in ratal avoid, be not worth in those days touch avoid, after can be in, carry forward of 5 tax year is touched avoid.
5, the cancels to buy homebred equipment to the enterprise enthusiasm that we think to buy policy of privilege of homebred equipment income tax is influential, prospective enterprise buys the tendency that imports equipment will look up. Mechanical to our country device makes an enterprise have certain level effect.

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