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Strengthen electric power of the ability that fight calamity to build relevant o
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A few days ago, change by national hair appoint meet with national report inspect of collective formulate " a certain number of opinions that build about strengthening power system to fight calamity ability " (the following abbreviation " a certain number of opinions " ) come on stage formally.
Meaning of this one file is raising power system to resist natural disaster ability, utmost ground reduces the loss that natural disaster causes, uphold normal production and life order, security of safeguard nation energy resources and national economy move normally.
This year snow of rain of low temperature of big range of our country southern region puts aspic He Wenchuan on the ice in calamity of especially big earthquake, power facilities is marred because of calamity large area, to economic society development and people life cause serious effect.
For this, " a certain number of opinions " emphasized electric power construction is medium henceforth the layout of power source, electrified wire netting and adjust electrified wire netting to build the problem such as the standard. Clear power source construction will suit with bearing of area power demand henceforth, divide dispersed bureau, nearby power supply, classification receive electrified wire netting. And power facilities optional location should keep away from as far as possible area of natural disaster easy hair and establishment safeguard difficult area.
Strengthen a program to optimize distribution of power source electrified wire netting
" a certain number of opinions " requirement, electric power construction will insist to integrate the principle of the program henceforth, consider fountainhead, coal as a whole, carry, all sorts of elements such as land, environment and power demand, the hair inside processing good power supply and electrified wire netting, transmit electricity and distribution, city and country, electric power and outside offer, the relation of system and 2 systems, equitable distribution power source, scientific program electrified wire netting.
To reduce the natural disaster effect to power system, " a certain number of opinions " special point out, transmission network of electrified wire netting will avoid to span as far as possible henceforth great river great river, laky, maritime space and important carriage passage, cannot keep away from really should adopt be on guard accordingly measure. The passageway of important transmit electricity of same way should disperse as far as possible corridor, reduce same and natural disaster to send the measure of passageway of important transmit electricity inside the area easily.
The file returns a requirement, the construction of power system will be strengthened henceforth area, provincial trunk net is worn and passageway of important transmit electricity is built, rise to boost capacity each other. Be located in Fu to put calamity on the ice the transmission network of heavier area, want to have the capacity in power transmission of big negative charge of Fu ice age. Be located in pluvial calamity to send the transmission network of the area easily, should adopt to lever tower foundation defend consolidate measure. Must pass through the geological environment such as seismic belt is insecure the transmission network of the area, want to adopt aseismatic preventive measure to lever tower and its foundation.
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