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TB-90LR intelligence stick sign chance automatically
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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-11
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Product brief introduction:
Vertical sticks sign chance is to use canister of not dry film to stick mark paper, stick mark to use boil stick way, make up send automatically bottle and device receiving bottle, finish put bottle, stick mark to reach program receiving bottle, still can deploy lettering machine synchronism to finish label to print, this machine uses computer fiber-optic control, synchronism is tracked, give mark to take electric machinery control by mutual inductance pace, ensure speed giving mark and roll the automation package machine of bottle speed synchronism. It is contemporary Electromechanical unifinication product, have admirable with reliable character of service. Not dry glue sticks mark machines and tools to have cleanness not wholesome, mildewy, after sticking label beautiful, firm, won't fall off by oneself, manufacturing efficiency is advanced advantage.

Technical parameter:

Applicable product range: ~ of external diameter Φ12Φ200mm of ~ of 100mm height 30

Applicable label limits: 100mm of ~ of tall 15 grows 300mm of 20 ~

Productivity: 100 ~ 150 bottles / minute

Rated voltage: 220 V / 50Hz

Overall power: 180 W

Exterior dimension: 1600×1100×1300mm

Overall weight: 200Kg

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