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TB-80WR intelligence stick sign chance automatically
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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-11
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Product brief introduction:
TB-80WR intelligence stick sign chance automatically to apply to all sorts of round bottle that cannot stand to stick label, can need collocation according to the client, send makings, control makings construction, airframe can be designed tilt ahead or tilt backward, diameter of applicable roundlet bottle can design conveyer belt according to the need of the product, make product line gains optimal efficiency. Automatic and alternant feeder compose ensured already for the fast sex of makings, assured to offer again of makings successional, make the manufacturing efficiency of the machine that stick label rises greatly, convenient and practical.

Technical parameter:

Applicable product range: Outside classics Φ5 ~ 30mm
Stick mark precision: ±1mm
Productivity: 200-300 bottle / minute
Power source and general power: 220 V AC/50Hz 180W
Exterior dimension: 1700×550×1400mm
Overall weight: 220Kg

This machine chooses Chinese and English man-machine interaction to feel screen &def50 it is OK that product of change of &def of function of memory of group data memory and label need to adjust &def through touching screen only the change sticks scalar potential buy and &def of the length that stick label to need not adjust by hand electric eye closing minute.

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