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Oily bottle sticks sign chance Filling Machine
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  • Product model: A720/721
  • Supply means:
  • Referenced price: 0
  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-11
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Product brief introduction:
Basically apply to the industry such as oil of food, grain to be on stock of shape of bottle of quadrate, circle stick mark demand automatically quickly. (Be like: Out-of-round sticks mark, square bottle to stick the as mark, oily as the edible that produces spot form a complete set) that stick label. Have versatility good, tall stability, durable wait for an advantage.

Functional characteristic: Oily bottle sticks sign chance A720/721
A, suitable scope is wide: Can realize square bottle already / out-of-round (full bottle condition) flank (planar) odd paste mark / corner strokes mark, still can realize round bottle week to fixed position odd piece / function of double paste Fu
B, distinctive cent makings orgnaization, ensure as online as product line the makings of reliable, significant component when using
C, distinctive corner helps mark orgnaization up to ensure 3 flank corner sticks square bottle not mark level off, corrugate
D, already can stand-alone is used, can cooperate to use with product line again

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