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RGTB100 Ⅰ is full automatic the machine that stick label
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Product brief introduction:
RGTB100 Ⅰ is a basis in international standard stick sign machine technology and technology automatically to the requirement is designed and be made, the process that stick label is stable, quality is reliable. Used the computer with advanced international to feel screen to control a system, the operation is handy.
This machine is powerful to the adaptability of bottle, scope of application is wide, carry catenary right travel, basically be aimed at food, medicines and chemical reagents, day is changed, the industry such as chemical industry the circle of all sorts of norms is plastic bottle, glass bottle, it is to replace the ideal facility that sticks production of mark big batch artificially.
This machine used Electromechanical unifinication technology, reach advanced photoelectricity control equipment.
Use international the whole unit process of cargo bandling that the computer with advanced, powerful function feels screen to control device.
Can mix according to the norms of bottle and label the characteristic makes stepless adjust to productivity.
Liquid crystal type shows, feel type operation, intuitionistic and convenient.
But aleatoric set sticks mark amount, automatic computation, convenient statistic crop.
This machine operation is handy, understand easily simply, exterior is beautiful, design human nature is changed.

Technical parameter:
Stick award limits: Φ20mm - Φ100mm
Productivity: Bottle of 60 - 140 / minute
Label reel norms: Φ76mm of internal diameter of label reel core
Label coils the biggest external diameter: Φ300mm
Mark paper norms: Width 25mm - 90mm
Bottle norms: 30mm - 150mm of height of diametical 20mm - 100mm
Power: 250W
Power source: 220/110V 50/60Hz
Exterior dimension: 1820 Mm×1100 Mm×1200 Mm
Suttle: 200kg

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