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Not dry glue sticks sign chance
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  • Appear on the market time: 2008-09-11
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Product brief introduction:
This machine imports component for former outfit, with synchronism of entrance brand machine. Feel screen and microcomputer communication through liquid crystal, can part speed of the set label length, time giving mark, time that print, conveyer belt and the mark of synchronous, leakage of the speed that approach mark detect automatically etc; Have display the function such as method of use method, breakdown clew, trouble removal automatically.

Basically apply to vegetable oil, lube, day to change, the round bottle of the industry such as food, square bottle, out-of-round kind of the product circumferential stick mark and flank to stick label.

Technical parameter:
Stick mark speed: 50-240 bottle / cent (concern with the content that be stuck and label dimension)
Stick mark precision: 1. 5mm (not plan the content that be stuck and label error)
Bottle dimension: Ply or diameter grow 50-250mm, tall 90-300mm at the 90mm, direction that stick label not quite
Label width limits: 10-160mm
Conveyer belt bizygomatic breadth spends: 840 60mm
Power source and general power: AC220V 5% 50Hz 920W
(can according to the client specific requirement is custom-built)

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