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2010 Labeler packaging machinery industry development trend analysis
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Another obvious area of label change is the increased emphasis on digital technology. Some companies have started trying out the technology, such as Changsha Spark packaging machinery company recently sold its flagship product labeling machine. Changsha Spark packaging machinery companies have been concerned about the number of production areas, and Kwok, General Manager of the company that does not regret his choice. Since entering the digital market since the labeling machine, composed of Spark's business has undergone enormous changes. We are now about 60% of products are produced on Spark packaging machinery. Despite the company's labeling machine Spark few products, but fully automatic labeling machine has become our main production system Spark Engineering Company engineers said the king, automatic labeling functions to bring them better results. He said: "The era of progress, the basic technology is now also wish to pursue. Customers usually do not interfere in our choice of the production process, which is they want in the shortest possible time to be of the highest quality, most stable The labeling machine. " Labeling machine on the market corresponding to spark the labeling machine is compact and reasonable, simple and beautiful appearance, labeling is simple and convenient, high-tech products are emerging. Thus, in the next few years, by changing the labeling machine production technology and marketing to meet the actual needs of different areas of packaging machinery will be the spark the most important trends.
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