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Microwave energy efficiency standards implemented from March 1 next year to b
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Following the electric fans, air conditioners and other appliances labeled energy-efficiency labeling, the microwave oven industry, the State's first energy efficiency standards, "microwave ovens for household and similar purposes allowable values of energy efficiency and limit the level of energy efficiency" was implemented on December 1. Standards require that the level of microwave energy efficiency divided into 5 grades, failed to achieve five or more energy efficiency requirements of the product will be banning the production and sale of two or more products for the energy-saving products, an energy efficiency value of the product must reach 62% or more. Reporter yesterday visited the appliance store to see the city, only a small part of the microwave products with Energy efficiency labeling. In this regard, China Household Electrical Appliances Association ginger wind reporter explained that under the provisions of the National Standardization Management Committee, the microwave oven is still on the market today do not need mandatory energy efficiency labeling paste, from March 1 next year, since all products must be attached to the microwave. The mainstream of microwave ovens for domestic producers, the energy efficiency standards are not high. Glanz spokesman Lu Ji Lie, told reporters the industry to implement energy efficiency standards will be the market clear out some no-name products, and ultimately reduce the vicious competition, so it is good for the mainstream business. Jiang Feng also said that previously the focus of our energy-saving appliances mainly in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other large appliances on. With the appliance industry's emphasis on energy efficiency and the rising standards of energy efficiency products, national mandatory energy efficiency standards for household appliances to more than one category to start, small appliances, energy efficiency standards are maturing.
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